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[   ]A compact shock-assisted free-piston driver for impulse facilities.pdf
[   ]A computational study of shock speeds in high-performance shock tubes.pdf
[   ]A computational technique for high enthalpy shock tube and shock tunnel flow simulation.pdf
[   ]A Guide to Cogeneration.pdf
[   ]A Heat Transfer Textbook.pdf
[   ]Free Electron Laser - UCRL-JC-104640.pdf
[IMG]Heat Engines.djvu
[   ]HERF Vircator - UCRL-CR-105052.pdf
[   ]Hi-Power Microwave Illumination Effects.pdf
[   ]Infrasound.pdf
[   ]Physics - Black Body Radiation.pdf
[   ]Principles Of Lasers And Optics (Cambridge University Press) - Proper Unsigned.pdf
[IMG]Radiation Shielding.djvu