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[   ]Advanced Map, Aerial Photo Reading.pdf
[   ]Airguns.pdf
[   ]An Infantymans Guide to Combat in Built Up Areas - FM 90-10-1.pdf
[   ]anarcists handbook3.pdf
[   ]Combat Leaders' Guide - Army Research Institute.pdf
[   ]Expeditionary Maneuver Warfare.pdf
[   ]Hand Signals.pdf
[   ]Leadership Lessons of the Navy Seals.pdf
[   ]Medieval Arms, Armor, and Tactics.pdf
[   ]Murder Inc, the Book - Jack_the_Rippa.pdf
[   ]Never Surrender.pdf
[   ]Ranger Handbook (2000) - SH 21-76.pdf
[   ]Ranger Handbook July 1992 - SH 21-76.pdf
[   ]Shooting to Live - Fairbairn and Sykes - FMFRP 12-81.pdf
[   ]Shooting to Live - Fairbairn and Sykes - Paladin Press.pdf
[   ]Special Forces Handbook - ST 31-180.pdf
[TXT]Squad Leaders Up (Marine Corps Gazette, Aug 1999).html
[TXT]Squad Size Doesn't Matter (Marine Corps Gazette, Dec 2001).htm
[TXT]Sun Tzu - The Art of War.txt
[TXT]Suppression is the Critical Infantry Task (Marine Corps Gazette, Oct 2001).html
[TXT]The Squad Leader Makes the Difference (Aug 1998).htm
[   ]Unrestricted Warfare - Qiao Liang and Wang Xiangsui.pdf
[   ]US Army Counter Sniper Guide - Paladin Press.pdf
[   ]V1 Basic Training.pdf
[   ]V2 Basic Training.pdf
[   ]Visual Signals - FM 21-60.pdf
[   ]Winning Cityfights - Michael Sparks and Emery Nelson.pdf
[   ]World War II Infantry Tactics - Squad and Platoon - Osprey Elite 51.pdf