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Ammunition - Everything you need to know about ballistics, reloading and other fast going projectiles
BBS - Assorted txt files from BBS
Camouflage and Concealment - Learn how to become the woods
Chemistry - Dont blow your hands off, its hard to operate with no hands
Combined Arms Library - This is the document repository from the United States Army Combined Arms Center, Loads of cool stuff. Source:
Computer - Computers make guns, you like guns, you like computers
Electronics - Everything good needs electricity, learn about it
Exotic Weapons - Maces and Swords and stuff, just use a gun
Fiction - Selected works of fiction
Field Manuals - Learn to do everything
Firearms Manuals - You cant shoot people with a gun you dont know how to work
Firearms - Boomsticks for all
Gunsmithing - Now where did that spring go?
History - History repeats itself so learn from the mistakes
How-To - Learn to fix things and build things
Humor - LeL
Ideology - Various political documents, does not represent in any shape or form
Images - Mainly screencaps from 4chan, kind of a mess
Infographics - Look at the pretty pictures and learn
Knifemaking - Dont cut your hand off
Locksmithing - Locks need to be opened
Military Science - Sun Tzu says "Read this"
Miscellaneous - I dont know
Money - Guns be expensive
NBC - Information about CBRNE
Philosophy - I think, therefor I am
Physics - Physics make guns work
Poisons - Dont drink these
Rocketry - Too the moon
Sciences and Mathematics - Learn
Snipers & Silencers - Did you guys he-
Spy Craft - Become James Bond on a budget
Survival - Grab this and go innawoods
Traning and Fitness - Muh lean operator gainz
Vehicles - Learn to repair your ford pinto
Videos - Assorted videos, Some are broken
Workshop - Learn a trade to better yourself and all of its employees do not accept liability for any actions resulting for information on this website. All information is provided as is. All documents are for informational use only

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