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Saluto Nex Alea Ave Nex Alea is a site dedictated to murdercube and all of the knowledge and well being that accompanies the murdercube. Without murdercube all would be lost. All hail the murdercube.
Currently seeding: Klaus Minimalist Do/k/ument, The Do/k/ument , Mega Folder , The Ark and Field Manuals

10/10/2016 - Server restored, all services operational
4/23/2016 - Forced SSL on all HTTP traffic
4/22/2016 - Added LetsEncrypt support, more security headers and more SSL options
3/30/2016 - Removed FTP support and enhanced overall speed
1/15/2015 - Now hosting the /k/lass photo view them at /classphoto/
12/25/2014 - Started hosting /k/ Radio check it out at
12/13/2014 - Added Languages section within files
12/3/2014 - SSL Enabled and forced across

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EDN - Evil Death Nightmare - The best videogame you will ever play
Plush Armory - Get yourself something to lay on
Munitions Review - Get learned about ammo types and calibers
True-Solutions - Andy is reasonable man
/k/ Radio - Cant go innawoods without tunes

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